Did we disagree well?

I wore my "I'm in" T-shirt on my commute into London this morning. Not out of stubbornness. Not out of protest. Not even for the lols (although it did raise a few wry smiles). I wore it because opinions don't change overnight, and what we need now is to continue to #disagreewell. As one commuter commented: "We've still got to live together, eh?"

20160623_141904-1.jpgPeople are sore from the debate. Another tube user turned to me and asked if I was hoping for a re-count. "It's empty. It feels empty. I don't know what's happening to people..." During the referendum campaign, I tried really hard to disagree well. I tried to understand and listen and to have conversations where I admitted I didn't understand every issue. But it's been hard.

A question with two polarising answers can only ever divide. One humorous graphic on Facebook a few days ago showed a ballot paper with multiple choice options including "Remain - begrudgingly", "Remain - but I still don't trust Cameron and Osborne" and "Leave - but I'm not worried about immigration", illustrating that despite choosing from just two options, we are all different and there is of course a broad spectrum of opinions across the country. So the big question at stake has of course been a proxy for many more intricate and complex questions.

Only now that we've answered the one big question, can we really begin to unpick these deeper questions, on immigration, the NHS, human rights... These will all have to be sifted through to determine what they will really look like outside of the EU, something that most of us are only just beginning to imagine.

So once again, we must engage. We must not let the pain or the numbness mute our conversations. Because the result this morning isn't the end of the debate. We've seen no step-by-step on what next. There are still many forks in the road ahead. Our Prime Minister has resigned and we don't know what direction his successor will take us in. So for those who want to get involved, the discussion has in fact, only just begun. Where one door closes, another opens. I'm distraught at our withdrawal from the EU. But God doesn't call us to engage only when we're on the winning team. He calls us to bring our talents to the table and let him use them; as Christians, we can model a better standard of debate: a more loving disagreement.

Has something in this #EURef debate stirred you? Will you #ShowUp? Not just to argue, but to contribute?

Whatever your feelings about the result, make sure you use this opportunity to continue disagreeing well.

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