Delà des Frontiers (Beyond Borders)

1913772_10153156881567447_201371647888274979_n_(1).jpgLast week I was at a prayer meeting where I was asked to pray for Europe. Having been at a meeting in Brussels the previous week regarding the refugee crisis, and with the EU referendum on the horizon it felt like a good time to pray ‘Lord would your kingdom come and your will be done’.

Below is a prayer that echoes the cry of my heart and I hope will be a resource to you. 

Lord Jesus we thank you that your love, mercy and justice transcends borders. Thank you that we can pray in freedom, in confidence and in peace.  We bring Europe before you. At a time of political, economic and cultural uncertainty we ask for peace, security and stability. 

Would fear, hopelessness and mistrust be replaced with boldness, hope and trust in you. Would You grant wisdom to leaders and compassion and urgency in responding to crisis. Would they know Your heartbeat for Europe.

We ask that you would protect Europe from those who would seek bloodshed, destabilisation and destruction. Would you grant strength and discernment to those who seek to protect and serve. 

We ask that you would be with those who are vulnerable, in need, lonely and scared. Those who have no place to call home, and are running from fear, persecution and violence. 

Would the Church across Europe come together in unity, reaching beyond political and national narrative to give refuge and provide positive solutions, demonstrating community and joy that is found in you. Would kingdom values be before tribe, love over hatred, unity in our diversity, in the power of your resurrection.

May your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.


Photograph courtesy of Mission-Net 2015/2016

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