CotL Political Mentoring Programme

At the end of November, our Future Candidates met together for the first time, to begin a journey on the Christians on the Left Political Mentoring Programme. Equipping and training a new group of members to be the best public speakers, activists, debaters, policy writers, community organisers... These are just some of the areas that our mentees will be exploring as they explore what it means to be a Christian on the Left. Here are a few words from some of them on their experiences so far...

"We are all facing challenging political times and so for me it is vital that I am provided with this type of support, at this time, support that not only recognises the political climate but also the impact of the Christian faith and it's perspective. I have had a brief look at the itinerary for our next meeting in January 2017 and am delighted to see that we will openly be discussing faith and power, simply awesome as it was exactly the topics I had hoped to raise. 

Thank you again for inspiring us all and for my place within the team. I gladly receive it! 2017 here we come!" 

"I was apprehensive at our first meeting as I didn't know what to expect but it started with a bang. What stood out for me is the mix, the cultural and professional diversity of participants  ranging from Students to Charity Workers to activists to GP, solicitors to Pastors, church leaders and Councillors.

The relaxed atmosphere with Sara, Mike and Rachel MP and the range of topics to be to covered in the course of the training and having people of like mind and passion made it more exciting. Concluding the meeting with prayer for one another was the best plus ever!!!"

"I love the sense of unity and purpose that I always feel when I gather with fellow Christians on the Left, and the first session of CotL's Political Mentoring Programme was no different. It was a privilege to pray together for His kingdom to come, with a shared excitement for how that will look in the work He has given each of us.

Everyone there had a very different story of how they had ended up in that room but every story reflected both God's faithfulness and His heart for justice and mercy. I'm really looking forward to working alongside this group on the programme this year as I develop new skills and learn more about how to be His hands and feet in British politics"

For a number of years I felt the call of God into politics. Three years ago, with the blessing of my church, I left my position as a pastor and stepped into the political arena. There have been times when I have felt alone in this journey so I was absolutely thrilled to be selected for the CoTL Political Mentoring Scheme.

We met for the first time in November and it was so refreshing to be in a room of people who love God and engaged in politics. To be able to share our dreams and to pray together was an absolute gift. I am looking forward to where God will take us this year. I have a feeling that 2017 will be a year of breakthrough, miracles and fabulous memories made.

BIG thanks to and for hosting meeting this evening and for tour of Parliament.ūüĎć


We're really excited to hear more from our Mentees and Mentors as the programme progresses and we hope that you'll be praying with us for all of the team involved.


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