CotL Councillors seeking to be Labour candidates for the Scottish Parliament

We are hugely excited to see that three members of Christians on the Left are seeking to be Regional List candidates for Labour in May’s Scottish Parliament election. They are experienced Councillors with a strong commitment to social justice.

In Central Region two CotL members are standing for selection. 

Allyson Black is standing because “as a Councillor, I see all around me the impact of cuts to councils, our communities are suffering, through lack of resources. The gap between rich and poor is widening.  I want to be a strong voice for those communities.  If we want to live in a society that is fair and equal then everyone deserves the same opportunities”

Richard Tullett is standing “as I believe that we need a team of MSPs who are real campaigners at heart and will lead the fight back for our Party in Scotland. As an Election Agent, Councillor and party member I have strong track record of campaigning and taking action."

In North East Region one CotL member is standing for selection.

 Richard McCready is standing “because I want to play my part in making Scotland a fairer place.  I want to ensure that everyone in Scotland is treated with dignity and that the most vulnerable members of our society are protected.  I want to work with colleagues for the eradication of poverty in Scotland."

It is likely most or all of Labour Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) will be elected from the Regional List in the May election; the first person on a Party’s list is the most likely to be elected.

Leader Kezia Dugdale is automatically at the top of the Lothian List and the same applies to Deputy Leader Alex Rowley for the Mid Scotland and Fife List. 

Subsequent placement on these two lists and all placements other lists (Central Scotland, Glasgow, Highlands and Islands, North East Scotland, South Scotland, West Scotland) will be determined this January by a ballot of all Scottish Labour members in each region. 

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