'Disagreeing well' conference motion referred to NEC

Christians on the Left has had its Labour Conference motion submitted to the party's National Executive Committee. The motion calls for Labour Party members to 'disagree well' when debating with each other, avoiding personal abuse and prejudice. It also affirms that the party will not tolerate abusive behaviour. The motion, written in consultation with members of other socialist societies affiliated to the Labour Party, calls on NEC to issue guidance to constituency parties on how to conduct meetings and to issue a pledge of good behaviour, which constituency parties and affiliates would be encouraged to sign.

The Labour Party's Constitutional Arrangements Committee ruled the motion was not contemporary, but referred it to the NEC because it dealt with party matters. The motion reads as follows:

Conference welcomes the new Labour Party members who have joined since the start of the leadership campaign. It notes the passion and enthusiasm of Labour Party members as they have engaged with the leadership campaigns and opposed Conservative Party policies across the country. However, Conference also notes that with the passion has in many cases come rancor and division, and especially on social media, abuse and prejudice. This behavior is unacceptable and is damaging the reputation of our Party.

Conference is proud of our values, which include being open, inclusive and tolerant. Every member has a responsibility to uphold these values. If we are to stand for those in need, protect the vulnerable, and seek real change in our society, then when we disagree with each other we must do so respectfully. This must be at the heart of how we do politics in our Party. We will not be attractive to others if we fail to treat each other with respect.

Conference believes it is essential that members disagree well, avoiding personal abuse and prejudice. Abusive behavior, including via social media, should not be tolerated. Conference calls on the NEC to issue guidelines for CLPs to help them deal with abusive behavior and to draw up a pledge to comradely behavior that can be affirmed by both CLPs and affiliates.

For a Christians on the Left perspective on 'disagreeing well' see here.

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In church recently I met someone who runs a food bank. He talked to me about how his service helped people from many different backgrounds who have become stuck in a poverty trap. Some need short term support to get them through a difficult period, while others are permanently stuck. I was struck by the commitment of this gentleman to help others and of his conviction that our society should not be organised this way.

It is a familiar story to any churchgoer. Churches across the country contain many similarly motivated people. They are driven by their Christian conviction that all are created equally and that everyone therefore has equal worth. Working in food banks, helping the homeless, giving shelter to refugees, fighting famine and poverty abroad, and in many other ways, church members are working for the most disadvantaged in society. Moreover, with at least one church in every town and village, this work is happening and being supported across the country.

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Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell today praised the campaign organised by Christians on the Left to support paying tax.

Mr McDonnell congratulated Christians on the Left and its chair, Jonathan Reynolds MP, for our campaign slogan  :

"It’s a great slogan. Patriots should pay their taxes. Labour are already setting the pace on tackling tax avoidance and tax evasion."

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