Christians should have confidence voting Labour

Christians on the Left believes that Christians can have confidence voting Labour at the General Election next week. Although affiliated to the Labour Party, the organisation is independent and so free to take its own line. In the run up to the election, Christians on the Left has pressed for policies which, in its view, best mirror core Christian values.

Andy Flannagan, Christians on the Left director said:
It might be of little surprise to many people but we think the Labour manifesto goes a long way to answering some of our main concerns. With many Christians helping to run food banks and debt counselling services, we can see that the country urgently needs policies that will lead to a more equal society. It is what church leaders have been calling for in their pre-election letters to congregations. For change to happen, politicians need to take action. We can see that commitment in Labour’s pledges, for example to build more homes, increase the minimum wage, and act against exploitative zero hours contracts.

"The Labour manifesto underlines the importance of working together for the common good. This is in contrast to the divisive rhetoric from other parties."

Christians on the Left has for a long while been calling for an economy in which everyone participates. This has included campaigning for retail and investment banking to be separated and joining others campaigning against payday lending and for a more inclusive economy.

Christians on the Left members are involved in election campaigning, with 25 members fighting the election as new parliamentary candidates.


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Socialism is practiced by all parties nowadays, only Red Ed’s brand of labour is more akin to communism as taught to him by his father and communism does not advocate religion or God, believing communism should be the only religion you need.