Christians on the Left has a long history of believing in action and campaigning, right back beyond the days of our founder Donald Soper, through Keir Hardie, William Temple and back to FD Maurice.

In recent years, we've campaigned hard on the living wage, the bedroom tax, and legal loansharks, to name just a few. Below, you can see our current primary campaign, Patriots Pay Tax, as well as other campaigns that we are involved in around the UK and, indeed, the world. Just click the campaign names below.

'Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is' is our own campaign on ethical banking and 'Cross with Vampires' is about stopping payday loan and betting shops suck money out of our local communities.

Other campaigns Christians on the Left works with and supports include the following:

  • Stamp Out Poverty - campaigning for new sources of finance for development & climate change

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