Boost in line up for social action Summit

Speakers to lead donations to food bank

Donations of food and a call for action will form a major part of an important conference on social and political action next week.

The Summit, a major gathering of Christians involved in community action, is taking place on 18th February at the Vauxhall Christian Centre in London. It is being organised by Christians on the Left.

The Summit will bring together Christian activists from around the country. It will look at the role faith plays in Christian work in communities and it will challenge people to think about political as well as social action.

The conference will focus on action, with participants being asked to donate food to the Vauxhall Foodbank, which operates from the Vauxhall Christian Centre, and encouraged to consider putting their faith into action politically.

New speakers have been announced. They include David Lammy, MP for Tottenham and a potential Labour candidate for London Mayor, and Claudine Reid MBE, a leading social entrepreneur and a director of PJ Services, which provides services to enhance and transform communities.

Christians on the Left Director Andy Flannagan said:

"The Summit will be an exciting opportunity to bring together Christians involved in helping their communities from all over the country. We're going to be practical about it. We will give food to the Vauxhall Foodbank, which is helping many people in South London. We will hear about what works and what doesn't in the field of social action. We will also ask how we can combine helping those in need with campaigning to change an unjust social and economic system.

"As we see a new wave of church work in communities, what is the right way for the church to maintain its evangelistic and prophetic edge? And can the church do politics and social action? Those are the questions we will be asking."


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