Book Review - Replenish by Lance Witt

I was given this book as a gift in January 2014. It was a book that everyone seemed to be talking about, so I  read it and enjoyed it, I found it interesting however I couldn’t at that time relate it to my own life, it didn’t seem to be relevant. As time went on it became more and more relevant and I began to keep going back to it, and re reading chapters.

It’s a book about leadership in church it is insightful and comprehensive written in a very honest way with examples from the author’s own experience.


The book opens with some very startling and shocking facts about church leadership and burn out, and then each chapter looks at different issues and how to overcome them, as well as warning signs and things to watch out for.


Leading from a healthy soul, the main message of the book that I particularly like, the importance of making sure that ourselves are healthy and in a good place before we attempt to lead or disciple others otherwise anything ‘unhealthy’ can be passed on. It is a very helpful guide in maintaining healthy relationships within teams.


There are short chapters with a section in each of reflection where the author encourages reflection and discussion on points raised in that chapter.


The book takes you through issues such as idolatry in leadership, the dangers of being so focussed on leadership that it becomes an idol. The problems of a neglected soul and how easy it is to become isolated. It gives practical tips and solutions to each issue.


The book is split into sections, detox your soul, start here, sustaining a lifetime of health and building healthy teams.


It’s all about the groom, is one of my favourite sections, it describes how in our contemporary western culture, the bride is the centrepiece of the wedding and the groom is the afterthought.  “The way we do weddings is quite different to the weddings of the bible, especially the relationship between Christ and his bride, the church.  The book of revelation describes the mother of all wedding scenes but it is the groom that gets all the attention.”

The bride belongs to the bridegroom, the author goes on to say that this is a great picture of the relationship between the church and Jesus, but sometimes in leadership it has become more about the bride than the bridegroom, but   bride exists for the bridegroom.

He warns us that we have to remind ourselves that nothing belongs to us and that we are stewards or caretakers only, in a healthy church Jesus is the most famous person, the most talked about, the centre stage.


The whole book is a reminder; a challenge to regularly pause and take stock, and ask is Jesus central?


Replenish is a book that I keep close to hand its well laid out and easy to read, with some great examples in. 

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