Making banks work for Britain

Britain’s banks are not pulling their weight. Trapped in the shadow of the financial crisis, the rest of the country is sucked dry by government cuts and a sluggish economy while banks and financial organisations continue on as normal. Barely touched by the bank levy, bonuses are still paid and tax payers still wait to have their bailouts returned to the public purse. The financial industry (the most profitable industry in the world) rests under-taxed and seemingly ignores the responsibility it has for this crisis in the first place.

Ed Miliband’s commitment to responsible capitalism is the firm foundation that a fair banking sector needs. But this pledge needs real implication in policy. 
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Walter Brueggemann writes

bruegg.jpgThe brilliant Walter Brueggemann writes here on the theology of the economic crisis of the last few years.

If you're not familiar with the work of Brueggemann, then this is a great place to start!

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God in Government

Zaki Cooper, a trustee of the council of Christians and Jews, wrote this article which was originally published by Demos at Zaki gave us permission to republish it here. It's a fascinating study into the impact of faith on British politics and prime ministers in recent years.

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Holistic transformation

With the explosion of Christian-based social action projects like foodbanks and debt counselling, Andy Flannagan wonders whether we need to Andy-Flan-.jpgmind our language.....


You can read his thinkpiece here.

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