All We Can update following second major earthquake in Nepal

All_We_Can_logo.pngYou may have heard the news that a second major earthquake struck Nepal today. This comes just two weeks after the first quake, in which over 8,000 people are confirmed to have died. Early reports indicate that further deaths have occurred today and the situation is changing hour by hour.

All We Can, the Methodist relief and development charity, is continuing to respond to the rapidly evolving situation on the ground and is appealing for further donations towards the vital relief effort. Fortunately, it has heard from staff and partners in Nepal today and they are safe. Nick Burn of All We Can, who is currently in Nepal to co-ordinate and support its local partners as they respond to the first earthquake, reported this today from the field:

“People are very nervous. When the quake happened this morning everyone came running out of buildings. Your heart rate increases as it’s happening and you just never know what’s going to happen from one moment to the next. Many of the aftershocks feel like earthquakes themselves, but this one was obviously a big one. Where we are in Gorkha District, a woman and two children were injured as a building collapsed and we’re getting phone calls that there have been more deaths in other areas, but this is not yet verified.”All_We_Can_-_Kopila_-_Pokhari_(13).jpg

All We Can is asking for Christians on the Left members to stand in solidarity with those suffering in Nepal today. Your prayer for their local partners and all those responding on the ground – and seeking to deal with both the physical and the emotional impact – is most needed. Please also give all you can. Your gift will help All We Can’s trusted local partners respond quickly to this worsening crisis. You can donate by visiting, calling 020 7224 4814, or sending a cheque to All We Can, 25 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5JR. For those who have already responded to the appeal, thank you.


Image: All We Can/Kopila Destruction in the village of Pokhari

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