A welcome for the religious liberty commission

80% of all acts of religious discrimination across the world are aimed at Christians (Statistics from the International Society for RLC.pngHuman Rights). The coverage of the acts of Isil in Iraq and Boko Haram in Nigeria in recent months has brought the suffering of many Christians across the world back into the public realm. In response it seems that persecution is receiving oppportunity for an increased representation in our political institutions with the introduction of the Religious Liberty Commission on the 4th February and the recent promises from Douglas Alexander (shadow foreign secretary) that a Labour government would introduce a global faith envoy to bring a 'strong focus' to persecuted faith.

The Religious Liberty Commission has been set up by Open Doors, Release International and Christian Solidarity Worldwide. The key aim in setting up the organisation has been to provide one voice for organisation tackling the persecution of Christians across the world.

Douglas Alexander has also pledged that a Labour Government would introduce a global faith envoy, accusing the Government of Douglas_Alexander_1398729i.jpg'stepping back' in its efforts to tackle religious persecution. He did also say though that 'this is an issue beyond party politics' and that he would support the coalition Government if it implemented these plans and took a stronger stance.

The Bible tells us to love our brothers and sisters in faith and it is fundamental that the plights of the persecuted remain in our prayers. As we further spread word of the 'show up' campaign in the lead up to this election it also important that we encourage opportunities for the persecuted church to be represented in UK politics. We can also be excited at the fact this is already beginning with the Religious Liberty Commission and it is a cause for celebration in giving the work of amazing organisations tackling persecution a clear format to have a single clear message.

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