21st Century Matthew 25:31-46

Then, the King said “I was hungry and you told me that it was my own fault for being lazy and believing that I was entitled to help from hard working families and that I’d probably spent all of my money on alcohol, cigarettes and drugs anyway.

I was thirsty and you assumed that I was desperate for gin or vodka, rather than water.

Matthew_25_40.pngI was naked and you said that I would have more chance of a job if I took more care of my personal appearance, even though I wore all I could afford.

I was poor and you told me I was a scrounger who just wanted to sponge off the state and put stories about me on the tv and newspapers, despite knowing nothing about my circumstances.

I was sick and you denied me any help, told me to go back to work and assumed I was faking illness in order to scrounge.

I was in prison and you demanded that the key was thrown away and that I was kept away from all respectable, law-abiding members of society because I was a bad person who could never change.

I was a stranger and you ran, scared of me, told me to go home, that your country was full and that I was only there to steal your money, possessions and jobs.

For I tell you, whenever you did this for one of the least of these brothers or sisters of mine, you did it to me."

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commented 2014-10-18 21:01:04 +0100 · Flag
Fantastic, is this Tory policy on a promise card? Can any other party do better?
I can feel a sermon coming on
commented 2014-03-11 15:24:59 +0000 · Flag
One has to appreciate this prophecy. we should be hearing this 21 century, message from Matthew more often.
commented 2014-02-02 17:22:35 +0000 · Flag
Thanks, Alex, that’s very kind of you to say that. I hope your cold gets better soon, mate!
commented 2014-02-02 13:25:47 +0000 · Flag
This is amazing and challenging. Just read it out to my family and could hardly get through it without choking up (But then I have got a cold). I have never before read such a powerful Kingdom of God perspective on the key issues polarising our country, and likely to do so more as we head towards an election. Many thanks Darren. Forwarding it to a couple of friends. Alex
followed this page 2014-02-02 13:22:59 +0000

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