The Love Your CLP campaign is a movement to bring about transformation in the way that your local politics functions: in the way that people work with each other and the way decisions are made.

We want to serve our local constituencies, to bless our local branch meetings, to love a local business committee or environment committee or board of governors at the school. We want the Labour Party to Disagree Well, to listen a bit more, and shout a lot less.

"Love your CLP" means actively praying for God to impact and change the atmosphere in your community. It means bringing Hope, Love, Unity and Enthusiasm to your Constituency Labour Party.


So how can you get involved and make a real difference?

It's simple really.


(1) Simple Acts - The Ten Commandments and some ideas on how to apply them...

The Ten Commandments

1.  Buy refreshments for your Executive Committee when they have a meeting.

2.  Bake or make refreshments for your CLP, PTA or other meeting.

3.  Ask the committee if they have prayer requests:

-- Do they need more funding? A venue? Good health? Constituents, parents or stakeholders to turn up to an important meeting?

4.  Hospitality - invite CLP members to a community social event, to your house for drinks or dinner or for a party.

5.  Thank people publicly in meetings and ask for the thanks to be recorded in the minutes.

6.  Speak highly of others in your CLP.

7.  Show a genuine interest in individuals.

8.  Thank CLP members on social media after a meeting.

9.  Send thank you cards, with thoughtful comments.

10.  Send Easter/Christmas cards to each Exec member with a unique message.

11. Thank your MP for their work. Ask how their week has been.

12.  Disagree well. If publicly disagreeing, begin by thanking them for their contribution and respecting their position. Explain that you are choosing not to agree, but to disagree well.

-- Then make sure you do!

13.  Set up a buddy system for new members to meet established members, or have a “new members” area in your meeting.

14.  Write to the leaders of the party or the staff to express thanks and appreciation.

15.  Offer to babysit for Exec members’ children so that they can attend meetings.

16.  Give a thoughtful gift to a CLP member.

17.  Offer to do chores (eg. laundry, food shopping) for your election candidates and agents when they are campaigning.

18.  Volunteer for the job no one else wants to do.

19.  Ask ‘how can I help?’.

-- Respond with a smile whether it was the task you were hoping for, or not!

20.  Avoid pointing out splinters in others eyes, but recognise your own faults.

21.  Pray a blessing on your exec, MP, officers and members. Pray God would give them favour.

22.  Look for those who others ignore.

23.  Refuse to be offended. Continually pour grace on to people and into situations.

(2) Promote some Positive Vibes on Social Media!

Post something positive, without caveats. Compliment and thank people for doing what they do. Make sure people know you're sincere by using a simple smiley :-)

Post a selfie or group picture and use #LoveYourCLP whether it's on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat. You can also mention @ChrLeft so that we pay attention and maybe you'll get a re-tweet!

You can download and print some Selfie Posters to take along to a branch meeting or canvassing session, or even to use in your own front room! The point is, to tell your friends that you love your area and you're doing something constructive about it.

This poster has a big space to write in the name of your CLP.

This poster is landscape and features our tongue-in-cheek 10 Commandments.

This poster is portrait and also features the ten commandments: you can point to your favourite if you like!



(3) Pray.

This isn't something that comes as an after-thought, even if it's third in this short list. Prayer is at the heart of everything we do. Join us in London for our monthly prayer breakfast, join us at your own breakfast table, start your own gathering or simply call a friend and spend 5 minutes bringing your local situation to God, so that he can soften hearts and change lives in your constituency.

Prayer is a revolutionary act. Prayer changes things. Join us.



(4) Extra Resources:

-- You can download the simple acts (above) as a handy reference/reminder sheet here.

-- You can download a handy bible reference to our cheeky Ten Commandments and how they are still bibilically based (despite not being the commandments you're used to) here.

-- You can download the full-sized "Ten Commandments" red poster (above) by clicking here.



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