++Justin Addresses National Prayer Breakfast

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, delivered a keynote speech this morning on 'Global Christianity in the 21st Century' at the National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast, Westminster - the first time an Archbishop of Canterbury has addressed the event. 

The Prayer Breakfast, organised by Christians in Parliament and the Bible Society, was attended by both the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition for the first time in its history.

In his address the Archbishop said:

"The Church of the 21st century is among the most efficient and the best deliverers of help for the poor that exists on the face of the earth... Isn’t it wonderful, let’s celebrate what’s good – it’s easy to be cynical about politics – but let’s celebrate what’s good: that with cross-party support in this country we have maintained international aid at 0.7 per cent of GDP. That we have introduced – again, across the parties – the Modern Slavery Bill, leading the world and tackling trafficking, which I was talking to the Pope about yesterday. That last week, again across politics, there was support for the greatest conference on sexual violence in conflict that has existed. Those aren’t cynical vote winners, from any politician in this room; but they arise from a spirit of generosity, which is right and proper...."

"...The church is not an NGO with lots of old buildings. It is the Church of God, rejoicing in the realities of cultural diversity in a way never known before: global, cross-bearing, confident and welcoming. The Church holds for the world the treasure of reconciliation, and offers it as a gift freely given out of its own experience of struggling with the reality of it, of being reconciled ourselves through the sovereign love of God in Jesus Christ. The global Church is above all God's church, for all its failings, and in passionate devotion to him will offer the treasure He puts in our hands, unconditionally, always pointing in worship, deed and word to Jesus Christ."

A full transcript of the Archbishop's address, as delivered, is available on his website, here.

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